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three early roles [1/3]

↳ Joachim in La Queue de la comète (1988)

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So I went as Lucifer for Halloween…

Is it too late to post a picture of my pumpkin

ugh high res please

so I may or may not be planning a colonialism AU fic

high res please sorry

I will probably finish some of these sketches. If you’d like to see one in particular, message me?

Track: "Lucifer's true voice"
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This is a compilation of all the times we hear Lucifer’s true voice, excluding the piercing angel sounds.

My theory is that, while Lucifer’s angel voice is heard the same way as all other angels, this gurgutal sound, the same dark, animal growl we hear in the title screen, is another voice he has, product of his decadence and distortion in Hell. In the same way that his true form must have been altered and disfigured, he has developed a second voice, different from his angelic one, to match his Satanic form.
The bits from 5.01 are arguable, since it could have simply been the sound coming from inside the open cage, yet this sound does not appear when it is opened again at the end of the season.

Audio is from: 5.01 | 5.10 | 5.19 | 5.22

hys·te·ri·a (n.)

an uncontrollable outburst of emotion or fear, often characterized by irrationality, laughter, weeping, etc.